Michael Brabant

Michael Brabant has his MA in clinical psychology and is a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology currently completing his dissertation on how learning meditation can support people with cancer to shift their perspective on having cancer into an opportunity for growth. He has a master’s level certificate in Integral Theory, which is a meta-philosophy that helps one to integrate seemingly discrepant fields of study and facets of one’s self into a cohesive whole.

He is a speaker, retreat leader, and teacher of personal and collective transformation. He is a corporate consultant to both organizations and large institutions currently developing a campus-wide holistic wellness initiative at Sonoma State University. In the past he has taught yoga, meditation, and myriad of workshops on healing, wellness, and personal transformation. He has developed a healing modality called Integral Awakening Coaching, that offers people evolutionary paradigms and practices to feel empowered to create tangible positive shifts in all areas of their life.

Learn more about his work at www.integralwellnessmb.com

Mike has a God given gift to pry open stuck doors – Thank you for helping me open up to all that is possible in my life. You have helped me to heal emotionally, spiritually and physically and for that I am eternally grateful!!!
Kerry Teacher
My work with Mike began in one of his laughter-filled yoga classes, leading to an individual postural assessment that revealed opportunities to bring my body and mind into deeper alignment. As we worked together each week, I was impressed by the quality and diversity of modalities Mike expertly blended into a customized coaching program. In just two months, he helped me move past long-held physical and mental limitations into a place of openness and potential. Mike is a gentle, grounded and gifted guide. In our stressful and fragmented world, his services are a beacon of calm on the path toward wholeness. I recommend his work highly.
J.S. Online Media Consultant
Mike helped me sweep the cobwebs from my heart and mind. He helped me discover my true nature, who I am, what I am capable of and how difficult situations/people are my teachers. Because of the work with Mike I am able to see vivid colors rather than a grey hue and I feel liberated from the confinements of self-consciousness. Mike helped me discover how and why an intense emotion dominated my daily life and by his gentle questioning the root of it, a scene from a childhood event appeared while driving to work. It was not the conscious thinking but a process that evolved from the issues/questions Mike inquired about. Along with his guided meditations, gentle and sometimes piercing statements that nailed the issue, the negative emotion dissipated and I no longer feel such intensity. In fact, I can no longer arouse the intensity of that emotion and for that I am eternally gratefully to Mike for his ability to find the patterns of behavior/triggers that I was unable to see and am amazed how deeply rooted it was so long ago. Mike’s focus on the heart, compassion and kindness resonates so deeply with me that he unconverted those feelings I had but in the course of daily living over years, those qualities that were so important to me were swept under the rug. The result of working with Mike is feeling a joy in daily life as opposed to feeling depressed. The mindfulness of interactions with people is much more profound and I have learned that what is natural for my being is to say things with more kindness and less sharp edges. I am relishing the lightness of the heart. After a few sessions, I felt almost giddy and wanted everyone to experience what I have with Mike. I am indebted to him for helping me see my heart clearly.
Jennifer Teacher
Mike’s coaching has helped me to grow through a very difficult time. Mike’s knowledge and complete presence with whatever emotions surface has opened up my heart to my self worth. I view challenges with the attention they deserve now and find my life opening to new layers of self knowledge. Mike is an inspiration with all he has gone through and has taught me the rewards of this journey. Mike has no false confidence. He is so authentically present because he is a deeply joyous and deeply compassionate man. His energy continues to help me be courageous with my own brilliance.
Debbie Nurse
I first met Mike as my yoga teacher and initially met with him individually to explore Reiki. I found integral wellness coaching extremely helpful as I prepared for [and passed] a highly stressful ordination interview to be granted fellowship as a Unitarian Universalist minister. Each session with Mike yielded valuable insights and practices to help me live into the fullest expression of who I am.
James Hospice Minister
My coaching time with Mike has supported my growth immeasurably. His loving acceptance of what is offers me a safety net, encouragement to continue on this path, and amazing resources. Mike introduced me to healing Reiki, meditations, forgiveness and a deep presence in my Yoga practice. When I have felt doubt, faltered or spun out, Mike has listened and, with loving acceptance, offered his support and guidance garnered from his extensive tool-box. He helps ground me and refocus my practice. Mike gives of himself and is completely present at every meeting. I feel blessed to know Mike as an honored coach.