Emmanuel Bombardier

Emmanuel Bombardier, also known as Social Manny, has mastered the Science and the Art of our never-ending technological evolution. Combining his traditional business knowledge with the teachings of some of the Wealthiest people in the World, Emmanuel has been on the leading edge of this Evolutionary Shift. Over 5 years of personally working with Lions, Tigers, & Wolves in his home to owning 3 Debt Collection companies generating over 17 Million Dollars, this 25 year old man has Wisdom beyond his years. He has been a consultant for Multi-Million Dollar firms and International Leaders such...

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Stephanie Beeby

Stephanie Beeby, M.S. known for her savvy business skills and intuitive nature she is often referred to as ‘The Soul Whisperer.’ Since in many ways, she is keenly aware of the unsaid and invisible power of what allows us to truly create the life of our deep desires. Many cannot deny her radiant energy that vibrates through the core of her being. People are transformed simply by being in her presence. Stephanie continues to combine her formal schooling in Organizational (Consulting) Psychology with her innate talent to live from the HEART. This unique blend of living from the depth of her...

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