Jill Rosen

There are times in our journey where we cross paths with souls that are truly sacred. The Ping group represents to me the best of their generation, the best of creativity and the best of intention that leads to action-oriented results. I know in my heart that the power that Ping possesses and the divine alignment they are in, brings integrity and authenticity to everything they touch.

Jill Rosen

Founder of Pikes Peak Resort


Pauline Victoria

Inspirational Thought Leader


Farhana Dhalla“Every single call with the PING team has been uplifting, confirming and POWERFUL… Today was a Bam! session though. By the end of our session, I had such clarity on who I wanted to be and what I could create with small shifts of right alignment that all of me felt energetically powerful. It was a gorgeous shift of taking what I knew and making it who I am. Many smooches to the PING Team.”

~ Farhana Dhalla





Pamelah Landers

“Because of the connections and processes I’ve been through with Ping! Intuitive Communications the clarity has been really significant. Every time I am with them, a clearer path for my business emerges. That means letting go of what is not really of service, completing things that are ‘too small’ and allowing the larger vision they provide to become the focus. I am forever grateful for the insights, energy and immersion in faith of the largest vision that Ping! provides.”


~ Pamelah Landers,

Author and Master Hand Specialist